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Pixel Grease 2   ref: MAVM-PG-2S   home page
Resize and compress pictures for lightning fast delivery via the internet. Quickly and consistently create images of specific sizes.

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Most internet users hate waiting for a large image file attached to an email, or on a web page, to download. Not only does the delay annoy web site visitors and the recipients of emails who are forced to wait for the images to appear, it wastes gigabyes of costly internet bandwidth every day. Advanced image editing packages provide plethora of image tools which can improve matters but this kind of software is normally expensive, complicated to use and frequently requires massive amounts of disk space and memory adding further to the cost and the time involved.

Pixel Grease 2.0 lets you…
  • resize pictures to ideal sizes to send by email or post on web sites
  • create multiple images of different sizes with just one click
  • create lightning fast thumbnail pictures for web pages
  • save images of different image formats and compression settings
  • adjust pictures to be cleaner, sharper, warmer, brighter etc.
  • fit more pictures on a disk (including floppies)
  • paste HTML script for your pictures directly into a web page
  • trim and crop images to remove unwanted detail
  • automatically crop and rescale images to fit specific sizes
  • load pictures from dozens of popular image formats
  • grab screen shots from anything on your computer screen
  • put more pictures in documents without slowing everything down
  • get on with the job immediately without a steep learning curve

  • Email Address Juggler 2.7   ref: MAVM-EAJ-027S   home page
    Easy Email List Management.


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    Juggler 2.7 is handy little program for sorting-out large numbers of email addresses. It's perfect for keeping your friends, customers or club members up to date. It provides bundle of tools to gather email addresses, sort them, filter them, remove duplicates, combine, split and save lists. If somebody decides they want out from your list, add them to your removals list to make sure that you don't bother them again. When you've got a list ready, Juggler can help you compose messages and its built-in international spell-checker can check your spelling in 7 different languages before send it out with a single click.

    Quantity discounts are automatically applied if you register two or more copies of Juggler at the same time.

    Important: Juggler must never be used for sending offensive messages or unsolicited promotional material.

    EchoView Pro 6.0   ref: MAVM-EVP-6S   home page
    A Suite of Music Tools.

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    Whether you're a serious musician, composer, or a music student, EchoView Pro gives you a rare and powerful set of useful tools.

    Features include:
    MIDI Chord-Cue (a chord analyser which displays chord names on screen), a sample calculator, a tap-tempo-finder, a virtual guitar tuner, a delay time calculator, a multi-time-signature metronome and more!

    Echovioew Pro is currently on special offer at just $12.99 and it's even cheaper still if you order two or more copies. Order ten copies for your school or college and they'll cost just $75.00 for the lot.

    CLOX 2000 - World Time Clocks   ref: MAVM-CLOX-2KS   home page
    Multi purpose desktop timekeeping package including world clocks and many other useful features.


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    Perfectly crafted for the internet user of the 21st century, CLOX 2000 harnesses the power of the internet to bring the current time from all over the world to your desktop. It also works without an internet connection if you prefer. Features include analogue and digital clocks, world maps for setting time zones and tracking night and day, countdown timers, a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, automatic time correction, online newsflashes and more. With free updates to any later releases and priced at just $10.00, CLOX 2000 has to be the software bargain of the century.

    Quantity discounts are automatically applied if ordering four or more copies of CLOX 2000.

    CLOX WebMaster - for 1 web page   ref: MAVM-CWM-1WS   home page
    World clocks for your web pages. (Includes a free registration of CLOX 2000.)


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    Tell your web site visitors the time in selected locations around the world. CLOX WebMaster provides neat analogue and digital clocks in your choice of five locations, blending perfectly with your web page. Two versions are available: The Active Server Component (ASC) version for web servers supporting Active Server Pages (ASP), and a Windows desktop version which works by FTP to almost any webserver. This registration permits you to use whichever version you prefer on a single web page.

    If you require CLOX WebMaster for more than one web page, please also order 'CLOX WebMaster - Additional' registrations or choose a 'Server', 'Developer', 'Corporate' registration option instead.

    CLOX WebMaster - Additional   ref: MAVM-CWM-ADDS   home page
    World clocks for your web pages for registered users of CLOX or CLOX WebMaster users wishing to put clocks on additional web pages.


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    If you're already a registered user of CLOX or, as a registered use of CLOX WebMaster wishing to put clocks on an additional web page you can buy web page licenses at this discount price. Proof of previous registration is required.

    CLOX WebMaster - Server Pack   ref: MAVM-CWM-SPS   home page
    World clocks for your web pages.


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    Deploy CLOX WebMaster on unlimited URLs a single server. This is an ideal option for companies with multiple web sites or ISPs wishing to provide additional options to their customers. 2 free copies of CLOX 2000 are included.

    CLOX WebMaster - Developer   ref: MAVM-CWMDEVS   home page
    World clocks for web pages.


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    If you are a professional web developer, developer licensing of CLOX WebMaster covers you for unlimited URLs. A free copy of CLOX 2000 is included.

    CLOX WebMaster - 5 Developer Team   ref: MAVM-CWM-MS05DS   home page
    World clocks for web pages.


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    Developer licensing of CLOX WebMaster covering teams of up to five developers for unlimited URLs. 5 free copies of CLOX 2000 are included.

    CLOX WebMaster - 10 Developer Team   ref: MAVM-CWM10DS   home page
    World clocks for web pages.


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    Developer licensing of CLOX WebMaster covering teams of up to ten developers for unlimited URLs. 10 free copies of CLOX 2000 are included.

    CLOX WebMaster - Corporate Registration   ref: MAVM-CWMCORS   home page
    World clocks for unlimited web pages for your company.


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    Corporate licensing of CLOX WebMaster permits and unlimited number of developers to deploy CLOX WebMaster on unlimited web pages belonging to a single organization. 20 free copies of CLOX 2000 are included.

    Oracle of the Runes 4.0   ref: MAVM-OOR-4S   home page
    Consult the ancient runic oracle.

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    Based on the art of rune stone casting using the symbols of an ancient Norse alphabet, Oracle of the Runes can be seen as just a bit of fun…or does it work by divine intervention? Whatever you believe, it has been proven to help people to see their lives in a different way. Consult the oracle daily and gain valuable insights to help you make the right decisions.

    Personal Progress File - Site Licence   ref: MAVM-PPF-MU24S   home page
    Network or deploy multiple copies of the Multi User Edition of this popular software used with the UK National Record of Achievement.


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    Personal Progress File (PPF) is designed to assist in the creation and maintenance of portfolios for the UK's National Record of Achievement. This edition is designed for use in multi-user environments such as schools, colleges and training sites in Great Britain. The Personal Edition is available free of charge for home use and students can interchange PPF files on disk between the two. The site licence covers any number of machines at one site and is currently available for online purchase at a fraction of the original price.

    Installer CD ROM   ref: MAVM-CDRM1S   home page
    CD ROM of Mirage AVM software products. (Software registrations not included.)


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    Current versions of all the Mirage-AVM software shown on this page are included on a single CD ROM which provides a convenient alternative way to obtain our software instead of downloading from the internet. Please note that whilst the CD price includes free delivery to anywhere in the world it does NOT include any software registrations. These must be purchased separately as required. Please also note that where free updates are provided for software products, replacement CDs are NOT included.

    Prices shown within this store are in US Dollars. Prices exclude 21% value added tax (Spanish rate) which must be applied to your order if you are resident in the European Community. If you prefer to checkout in British Pounds or Euros, instead of Dollars, you have the option to do so at the checkout stage where the total amount will be shown in those currencies. If you use a credit card based in a currency other than Pounds, Euros or Dollars, you should still be able to make your purchase but you must choose to pay in one of those three currencies that we accept directly. The amount charged to you in that other currency will depend on how your card company handles foreign currency payments, some apply a handling charge but it is usually minimal.

    Free, working versions of all software products on this page can be downloaded via each product's home page. The same downloaded software is upgraded to the full version with a registration code which will be sent to you by email after you have placed your order. This eliminates the need to download the product again. Neither disks nor printed manuals are included with software registrations. Boxes are shown for illustration purposes only. Customers are advised to download and try products before purchasing as refunds are not normally available once registration codes have been issued.

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