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Personal Progress File
The Standard Edition of PPF is designed for multi-user environments. 

The software...

  simplifies the preparation of NRA pages

  works on MS Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME and XP.

  is VERY easy to use

  automates file-opening and saving

  stores data in a flexible, updateable format

  auto-formats pages for printing

  has WYSIWYG print-previewing

  supports variations in NRA page layouts

  stores all data in a single file (per user)

  files can be merged/queried

  is compatible with PPF Personal Edition files

  aids admin. of NRA in schools and colleges

  permits insertion of previously prepared text

  has a comprehensive spell-checking facility

  provides context sensitive online help

  has an extensible architecture

  is flexible and adaptable

  works on standalone or networked PCs

  helps to maintain backup copies

  can a 'mail' files to a central repository

  has PIN number protection for user's files

  simplifies multi-file management

  is available for a free 30 day trial

  is surprisingly inexpensive

If you are looking for the FREE Personal Edition click here.

On the left are two dozen good reasons to take a close look at the Standard Edition of Personal Progress File. The 30 day no-obligation trial is designed to allow you to evaluate the software and decide how it might best be deployed in your organization.

PPF has been designed with the absolute computer novice in mind. Many of the tasks normally associated with working with computers are fully automated, from locating help topics to formatting text and naming or saving files, the software manages all these tasks transparently leaving little scope for error and permitting users to concentrate on the all-important content.

A host of additional features in the Standard Edition make it easy for large numbers of PPF files to be managed through specialist features designed for specific environments such as schools or adult drop-in centres.

If you are a member of staff at a school or college, or a training or commercial organization in the United Kingdom, please feel free to download the Standard Version of PPF for a free, no-obligation trial.







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